UMP’s female candidate during the launching of their campaign

Political parties are now campaigning and putting posters of their candidates throughout different areas in Port Vila.

The Vanuatu Electoral Office (VEO) has confirmed that there are 67 candidates to contest Port Vila Municipal election. Their names were publicized by the Vanuatu Electoral Commission last Sunday. The VEO said there are 67 candidates from seven political parties fighting for the 17 seats with the Port Vila municipal council, 22 of them are women.

At the Tagabe-Malapoa Ward, there are 17 candidates contesting for three seats. At Anamburu — 11 candidates for three seats, Freshwater-Tasiriki Ward — 17 candidates for four seats, Central Ward — 13 candidates for 4 seats, and Southern Ward- 9 candidates for three seats.

Since Monday, the seven political parties have been advocating for their policies to be implemented in Port Vila, if their candidates are elected to form the new Port Vila Municipal Council.

Over 50,000 people are registered to exercise their democratic rights to elect their new 17 representatives in the Council on 30th of June.

Meanwhile, the VEO is appealing to political parties to respect private properties after complaints that candidate posters have been placed on private properties without the permission of the owners.