The landslide swept the grandmother through this route. Photo: John Bill

A 51-year-old woman died yesterday in Leulik village on Tanna, after being swept by a landslide.

Area Administrator of Central Tanna, John Bill Iamul, shared that the tragic incident occurred when the grandmother, accompanied by some of her children went to do some washing at a creek, yesterday morning.

Iamul said the landslide swept the late grandmother through three cliffs, and landed her some 100 meters away from she was washing.

When her husband and other locals went to check on her, she was still alive but passed away sometime later as her condition was critical.

The Area Administrator highlighted that accessing water continues to remain the main challenge for this particular community. He said it is sad because a life was lost as a result of this.

The late grandmother had to walk roughly 1 to 2 kilometers to do her washing.

Mr. Iamul said while the government continues to talk about service deliveries reaching the people, it must make sure basic needs such as accessing clean water and proper health care are available, as these essential services are still challenges for many communities, and particularly, the vulnerable groupings in the communities.

He confirmed the community of Leulik has attempted to work on a water project toward a proper water system in their area, but challenges such as the geographical location of the nearest water source have hindered their efforts.

The death of this grandmother has sounded another message to leaders to make sure their people receive the services they deserved.

The late grandmother was a breadwinner for her family. She is survived by her six children and six grandchildren.