A man who stabbed his estranged de facto partner with a small knife at Chapuis on Santo early this year has been given 5 years’ imprisonment.

Marky Jimmy and the victim lived together in a de facto relationship for 12 years and had four children. They separated in March last year, due to ongoing abuses he committed to the victim.

Early this year, Jimmy unlawfully entered the victim’s house and stabbed her while she was lying down on her bed, causing serious injuries to her chest and back. Her medical report conveyed “serious near fatal injury to her left lung and left chest wall”.

Jimmy admitted he reacted this way towards the victim because he was angry with her.

He pleaded guilty to several serious offences being unlawful entry, intentional assault and domestic violence in court.

Unlawful entry carries a maximum imprisonment of over 20 years’ imprisonment, intentional assault causing injuries is a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment and 5 years’ imprisonment or a fine of VT100, 000 for domestic violence.

There were no mitigating circumstances for committing these offences. Aggravating factors include near fatal injuries sustained, offending occurring at home where the victim was supposed to feel safe, use of a sharp kitchen knife, repetitive breaches of domestic violence orders, assault was unprovoked, degree of planning involved and complete disrespect and disregard for the life of the victim and the children.

Jimmy was given a sentence starting point of 7 years’ imprisonment for all offences. Due to his early guilty plea, his sentence was reduced by 1 year and 6 months.

His sentence was reduced further by 6 months due to his personal factors, especially that he made a public apology in an open Court after his guilty pleas and the time spend in custody.

The offences were too serious to consider a suspension of the sentence.