Two females are part of the eight referees taking charge of the games at the national Futsal Champions League underway at Korman Stadium in Port Vila.

Hailing from the Shefa Football Association (FA), Lily Isaiah of Tanna and Reliana Alick, a 28-year-old from Puninga Island, have embraced this milestone as a dream turned reality.

For Alick, this introduction to the national arena represents a significant opportunity for personal and professional growth.

“This is a huge opportunity for us to improve our abilities and skills further,” she remarked with enthusiasm.

The chance to officiate at the Korman Stadium, where high-profile individuals may be in attendance, has added an extra layer of excitement and nervousness for both referees.

Acknowledging the potential pressure, Alick shared that the presence of a sizeable crowd and the prospect of being observed by influential figures made them feel a mix of fear and nervousness.

However, she emphasized the unwavering determination shared by male colleagues, assuring that their focus on success has been a constant companion throughout the tournament.

“We are aware of the challenges, but we keep our determination to succeed at the forefront of our minds. It’s a learning experience, and we are grateful for the chance to contribute to the growth of futsal in Vanuatu,” Alick expressed.

As the only female representatives among the referees, Isaiah and Alick have become inspiring figures, breaking gender barriers in the male-dominated field of sports officiating.

Their journey in the VFF Futsal Champions League not only symbolizes personal achievement but also serves as a beacon for aspiring female referees in Vanuatu and the girls acknowledged and thanked the national football body (VFF) for making it happen.

The Shefa FA referees continue to officiate with passion and dedication, proving that gender should never be a hindrance to pursuing one’s passion in the world of sports.

Their presence at the Korman Stadium is not just about blowing the whistle; it’s a statement that diversity and inclusivity are vital components in the progression of football in Vanuatu.

Final matches will kick off today with Coolidge FC of Luganville FA and Lombonowe FC of Penama FA at 10am for third and fourth place while the grand final between PVFA’s top club,UNV FC and Shefa FA Champion team Greenstone FC.