Mothers from the remote villages of Nokonsa Woman’s Group and Laringmat Woman’s Group on East Pentecost Island are diligently working this week to complete the weaving of 300 pandanus baskets in preparation for the upcoming 7th Melanesian Arts Festival.

The initiative to create these baskets came from the committee based in Port Vila.

According to reports from Pentecost, these beautifully crafted baskets will serve as special gifts from the committee to their esteemed guests attending the festival.

The mothers from both villages expressed their gratitude towards the National Committee for granting them this opportunity to contribute to the festival.

They acknowledged that this order is the largest they have ever received, but they are determined to complete all 300 baskets on time.

Furthermore, the mothers shared their excitement about the financial support provided by the committee. An amount of VT300, 000 has been allocated to the mamas of Saavat and Laringmat for fulfilling this order.

They expressed their joy, as it is the first time they have received such a significant sum of money within a month.

In addition to the financial aspect, the mothers expressed their pride in showcasing their traditional knowledge and weaving skills during the festival.

They consider it a valuable opportunity to highlight their cultural heritage and contribute to the vibrant celebration of Melanesian arts.