A search party is underway in the area of North to West of Ambrym after a mother and her 4-year-old son, a 17-year-old girl and a 10-to-11 year-old boy went adrift on two canoes over the weekend.

Bule Obed, a relative of the missing four conveyed to Daily Post yesterday afternoon via telephone all the way from Rambeltlam Village, in North Ambrym that his nieces and nephew went out to the sea at around 11.30 on Saturday morning.

Obed said they were not sure what exactly happened as they went to the garden but were only aware the four were missing when they returned from the garden.

All four live in Vila and are on a visit to the island.

The worried uncle said the sea was quite rough on Saturday and they fear that their missing relatives were carried away by the strong current.

Relatives say a cruise ship spotted one of the canoes far out from North West Ambrym around midday yesterday but there was no one in it. The relatives believe this canoe was used by the mother and the young girl.

Some villagers from nearby communities saw a canoe far out of Rambetlam last night but were not aware of the missing people at the time.

Obed said some of the communities within Ranon are part of the search party currently looking for their missing relatives.

MP Bruno Leingkone told Daily Post yesterday afternoon that RVS Turoroa was on its way to Ambrym to conduct a search and rescue  operation.

Daily Post understands Air Vanuatu aircrafts were also part of the search operation.