director-general-kennethChairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), Martin Mahe officially announced the names of seven new Directors General (DGs) yesterday evening.

They are:

  • Harrison Luen — DG for Ministry of Infrastructure (absent overseas),
  • Arthur Faerua — DG for Lands and Energy (absent overseas),
  • Kalfau Kaloris — DG for Foreign Affairs,
  • Roy Mickey Joy — DG for Trade, Tourism and Industry,
  • Doresday Kenneth — DG for Justice and Community Services,
  • Henry Vira — DG for Youth and Sports and
  • Amos Moses — DG for Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (absent) still at SPC in Noumea

While naming the seven new permanent DGs, Chairman Mahe said the Commission is not yet satisfied with appointments of DG of Education and DG of Prime Minister’s Office, therefore the two positions are being re-advertised.

He congratulated the newly recruited DGs saying their appointments are an achievement in their individual career pathways as well as their official duties in the Public Service as well, to take their performances to a new level.

The Chairman acknowledged the unfailing support of the PSC and the Panelists that contributed towards the positive outcome of the appointments of the new DGs.

“On behalf of the Prime Minister and Public Service Commission, as the Chairman I wish to seize this opportunity to congratulate you all”, the Chairman says.

While congratulating the new DGs, he looked back into the history of DGs and confirmed issues which are yet to be resolved including punctuality, performance issues, outstanding leave issues and succession planning issues. “There are still substantial issues pending in the Public Service and for you the new DGs, the issues won’t be new to you”, he said.

“You are aware that the present Commission is actively involved towards addressing the issues but is faced with challenges due to the reluctance by some public servants to come forward to contribute towards the tasks required, to assist the Commission to help the Government to effect service delivery to the people as expected”, the Chairman said.

“I appeal to you all to work together with the Public Service Commission to strive towards the way forward to overcome the challenges in the Public Service, to find the right pathways to work together (with you) to pave the way forward by moving the Public Service to another level”.

The Chairman acknowledged “too many acting positions” in the Departments and Ministries and said it is the duty of each DG to tighten such areas. “With the Commission that I am leading, I look forward towards your contributions to improve these loose ends to boost productivity in each Ministry that you are responsible for”, he continued.

But he is confident that with the combinations of new expertise that each DG has arrived with, together they are going to set a new direction in the Public Service for the benefit of the citizens of the country.

“As of this evening (yesterday), you have become the permanent DGs of your individual Ministries for the next four years, congratulations”, he said.

“Despite the challenges you face in your Ministries, I am 100% sure that by working together, there is no challenge too big for us to overcome”.

Speaking on behalf of the DGs, DG for Justice and Community Services, Doresday Kenneth thanked the Chairman of the PSC, Martin Mahe, for his Commission’s commitment, the fruit of which resulted with their permanent appointments yesterday.

She said the Chairman’s words reflect the aspirations and visions of the PSC. “I am glad that this evening we have listened to the importance of this relationship that we must build between our Ministries and Public Service Commission so that together we can hold hands and advance together for the next four years”, DG Kenneth said.