AFL Vanuatu kicked off with the, ‘Gel-Kik Programme’ last Saturday that was inline with the International Women’s day week with the support from the Department of Women’s affairs.

The message for the celebration through out the day was based on ‘Gender Equality’,therefore encouraging women and girls to play sports.

Theme for 2020 IWD(International Womans Day) celebration is, “The rise of Women does not mean the fall of men”.

AFL Vanuatu Program manager,Nancy Patterson says that”Gel-Kik programme will be an on going programme every Saturday from 8:30am to 10:00am that will involve more women and girls.”

Patterson also added that even though last weekend’s attendance was not what they expect but they manage to run the programme and also celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The AFL Vanuatu Gel-Kik physical Health Programme will also provide women and girls fun and safe Australian football experience that serves as an introduction to the sport of Australian Rules football and also aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle to women and girls in the community of AFL.

Women and girls are invited to join the programme every Saturday no fees apply.

For registration please contact AFL Vanuatu lo 5941342/7640668 or email: