Stephanie Senei Mahuk’s photo was taken in custom dress by the amazing duo at Groovy Banana. The photos were showcased at an exhibition at Fondation Suzanne Bastien to honor International Women’s Day.


Below is what Stephanie had to say to commemorate International Women’s Day:

“Violence perpetuated by men against women and girls is a critical dimension of gender inequality that requires men as part of the solution. Dr. Michael Flood (2003) frames rather concisely the cause of violence against women: “Men’s monopoly of violence is the product of a lifetime’s training in sexist models of masculinity, a lifetime’s exposure to a violence supportive culture and privileges of gender inequality”.

Unfortunately, our Melanesian culture forms the institutionalized patterns of male privilege which cripples the progress of girls and barricades women into a submissive role ultimately undermining the development of our nation.

I am privileged to be part of a generation that is advancing the momentum created by brave and accomplished ‘woman Vanuatu’ before us to take a more vocal and active stand against the endemic physical, sexual and psychological violence by men. Women in this country are courageous, resilient, diligent and now, more than ever before dismantling the elements of gender inequality with growing support of male family, friends and leaders. We have a long way to go but every girl should know that her voice matters & can make a change – be passionate, engaged and ambitious – this is your right, your time and your space”

Stephanie Senei Mahuk

Stephanie is also the President of the Vanuatu Surfing Association. Check out this powerful photo of Stephanie and her Solwota Sista squad:


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