Paving the way for corporate businesses to stand against violence in any form and offer support for its employees, ANZ has included a progressive approach in its policies and services provided for its staff.

Sheng Lee, Acting Country Head Vanuatu, is a strong supporter of combatting violence. “Domestic violence is a problem around the world and Vanuatu is certainly not immune. ANZ has taken a strong stance on this globally and we have a zero tolerance for domestic violence. ANZ has a number of policies and support services for staff and families at risk from family violence.”

In Vanuatu employees have access to a global webpage that provides information on domestic violence as well as links to country specific resources. An ‘Employee Assistance Program’ is also available for all staff members, which provides free, confidential counselling for work or personal related matters and for those who are victims of violence special leave is also accessible.

ANZ also believe that raising awareness on the subject is a big part of the solution. During the next few months ANZ will be holding a series of staff events across its businesses in the Pacific to talk about how ANZ employees can seek help or support others. During November ANZ staff in Vanuatu will be hosting a full branch meeting to raise awareness on ANZ’s stance and to provide a refresher on the support resources available within the ANZ network.

ANZ is a leader within the business sector in Vanuatu, ensuring that its workplace is free from all forms of violence and discrimination while offering personal support for all of its employees.


This article was originally published in the Vanuatu Daily Post