The 13th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and 6th Meeting of Ministers for Women took place in Suva, Fiji, from 2 to 5 October 2017.  The purpose of the Conference was to share experiences and make recommendations to accelerate progress towards achieving gender equality and a full realisation of women’s human rights in the Pacific region.

It was the first time for many of the Ni-Vanuatu delegation to attend a Triennial. Sista caught up with the Ni-Vanuatu representatives of civil society and asked them to share their thoughts on women’s economic empowerment, which was the theme of the Triennial. 


Kathleen Charley, Vanuatu Mamas English Class

Kathleen Charley, Vanuatu Mama’s English Class

If girls haven’t gone to school, this is a big barrier to their economic empowerment. Without an education, they don’t have the confidence to speak up and they don’t know what they want in life. It’s important for women to have support and for men to recognize the unpaid work that women do. That way they can help them.


Kathleen participating at side event ‘Women’s Peace and Security’

If women, especially mothers, have the opportunity to attend trainings on how to start a business or how to learn how to handle money, they can help their children and pay school fees.


Kathleen with Vanuatu delegation members

Kathleen Charley is a member of Vanuatu Mama’s English Class