The Magistrates Court has issued an arrest warrant for Henriette Yatibu, the accused in a traffic collision which resulted in the death of a young man from Tanna at Tagabe in July this year.

Miss Yatibu was charged with: (i) Causing death by reckless driving, contrary to section 13 of the Road Traffic (Control) Act [CAP 29]; and (ii) Unintentional harm causing death, contrary to section 108 (c) of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135].

The warrant was issued on August 17, 2017 to all Police Officers in Vanuatu, after the Court was informed that Miss Yatibu allegedly breached condition A of the Amended Bail Order which was dated August 10, 2017 and did abscond by travelling to Australia on the 14th of August.

According to the Magistrate Court, this became evident when the Police went to her residence to serve the amended Bail Order.

The matter is listed for PI hearing at 9am on August 24.

The Court was satisfied that the said Defendant had breached condition A of the Amended Bail Order and instructed police officers to arrest Miss Yatibu and present her at the Magistrates Court in Port Vila for an urgent hearing of breach of the Amended Bail Order mentioned.

Sources within the Vanuatu Police Force said Yatibu was required to notify to the authorities if she is leaving the country or in the event of an emergency situation.

They said the police officers were shocked on Thursday, when they learned that she is abroad.

The sources said the Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) is working with authorities in Australia to have her arrested and send back to Vanuatu, adding that police in Australia are aware of the issue and will track her down.

The police are convinced that she will be escorted back to Vanuatu soon.

Our sources cannot confirm how Miss Yatibu left the country without the knowledge of the authorities but said it is likely the Immigration Department was not aware of her pending case in court.

They said it is time to strengthen the working relationship between police and Immigration, saying it is an abuse of law in any country when someone who is accused of a criminal offence is trying to escape justice.

They mentioned that with the global police network, no one can evade justice. READ MORE