National senior women’s team

A call has been made to all Member Associations (MAs) affiliated under the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) to prioritize the inclusion of women in sports, particularly football.

These eight MAs include Torba Football Association (FA), Sanma FA, Malampa FA, Shefa DA, Tafea FA including the two municipalities- Luganville FA and Port Vila FA.

The FAs are being asked to put into good use the VT 1.8M that are being transacted annually to each local area to make sure that the normally neglected member of the society especially women are also part of an inclusive society that regards women as equal to men.

In a recent press statement, VFF emphasized the importance good management that could determine the best performance outcome of players both men and women.

“The fund is intended for the development of the game in both men and women,” said the Federation.

VFF confirmed that resources are also available under FIFA focus on developing women’s football.

While provisions are there, MAs are encouraged to submit plans, and the federation would be there to assist and facilitate the process of accessing those resources.

“VFF being the national governing body of football, is the regulator and does not run leagues. The football associations are responsible for creating leagues, including women’s leagues,” VFF pointed out.

The organisation clearly pointed out that although the growth of football developed few years after the country’s independence, football has always been a male-dominated sport and thus overcoming the restraints of a common Melanesian society is always a slow and difficult path.

Vanuatu has made progress when VFF began Women’s Competitions in 1997 at a promotional and developmental levels. The first national women’s team was formed in 2000 to play Solomon Islands in Port Vila, and again in 2003 to participate in the Pacific Games in Fiji.

Vanuatu being in the “Developing” stage, Women’s Football still has a long way to go as noted by VFF.

Women’s football is the single biggest growth opportunity in football today and it remains a top priority for FIFA; and VFF being a member of the world governing body of football also places importance in developing women’s football through and with its MAs in the country.