On February 9, 2024, Live and Learn Vanuatu (LLV), in collaboration with the Department of Forestry (DoF), marked a significant milestone with the launch of the Efate Women’s Nursery Hub.

The event, held in Pangpang Community, East Efate, was graced by Acting Director of Forestry, Mr. Godfrey Bome, who, along with European Union (EU) representative Mr. Wensie Wesley Naki, cut the ribbon to inaugurate the hub.

The Women’s Group Nursery Hub serves as a Field Farmers’ School for 120 women beneficiaries from Efate. These women come together to raise trees and vegetables, which will later be transferred to their Agroforestry Plots. This initiative is a testament to LLV’s dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of rural farmers, especially women, throughout Vanuatu.

In his address, Acting Director Mr. Bome expressed gratitude to the people of Pangpang for supporting government priorities and policies through investments like the Women’s Nursery Hub.

He emphasised the importance of agroforestry models in enhancing biodiversity, food security, and access to markets, qualifying them as resilience models. He urged all women to raise these seedlings diligently to ensure the growth of trees that will provide sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The event was attended by officials from Department of Strategic Policy, Planning & Aid Coordination (DSPPAC), EU, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), DoF, Women Farmer Groups, the LLV Team, and the Pangpang Community.

Mrs. Glarinda Andre-Tanearu, Team Leader for LLV, commended her staff’s passion and dedication in ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. She reiterated LLV’s commitment to empowering women farmers and enhancing food resilience across Vanuatu.

Mr. Naki expressed his trust in the LLV team to successfully implement the EU-funded Strengthening Nature-Based Agriculture Program, which spans 30 months and covers Efate and Gaua in Vanuatu.

This initiative marks a significant step towards empowering women farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices in Vanuatu.