The Port Vila Mayor has ordered the Clerk of Port Vila City Council (PVCC) to refrain from entering the offices and all premises of the council.

This decision was made through a letter that was addressed to Clerk Peter Sakita, last Friday.

According to the content of the letter, the order was also effective on the date it was issued.

Mr. Sakita was recently convicted and received a suspended sentence following his implications on a criminal charge.

Mayor Steve Kiel conveyed in the letter that he was only made aware of the sentence, although it was handed down almost a month ago.

He stated that he had expected the Clerk to inform him about it earlier.

“It is expected of a leader like you to be upfront when a serious matter, like your offence and convictions arise. It is alarming to me as Lord Mayor that you failed to advise me or the Municipality of your convictions by the court,” Mayor Kiel stated in the letter.

The letter continued, “As Lord Mayor of Port Vila City, I am seriously concerned about your status as a convicted person and the position you hold as the Town Clerk of Port Vila City Council.”

Mayor Kiel also highlighted in the letter that the decision to prohibit the Clerk from entering the premises of PVCC was to safeguard the integrity of the council.

Daily Post understands that Mr. Sakita is still Clerk of PVCC and only the Public Service Commission can make a decision on his future employment.

The Council does not have the power to dismiss or remove a Clerk.

PSC Secretary, James Melteres confirmed with Daily Post that the Commission is expected to deal with this matter in its meeting this week.