climate change vanuatu

A delegation from the Government of Vanuatu will soon be participating in the 22nd Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Since Vanuatu’s ratification in 2016 of the Paris Agreement, a historic global international climate treaty, Countries will now be required to meet stringent reporting, finance, carbon emission and adaptation obligations.

Vanuatu will be going to the UN COP22 with a very clear message: Vanuatu is suffering from the impacts of climate change, it is time to STEP UP and implement the Paris Agreement.

In order to engage the public of Vanuatu and showcase Vanuatu’s strong climate messages to our international partners, the Vanuatu Climate Action Network and 350 Vanuatu are organizing a Climate Action Splash Campaign !

Time: 3:30pm

Date: Thursday 27th October

Venue: Ministry of Climate Change

Your presence, and the presence of your VCAN members, at the Splash Campaign is humbly requested. During this campaign, youth, NGOs, the private sector and high government officials will show their solidarity by getting “SPLASHED”.

We request that representatives of all VCAN members stand with hundreds of concerned citizens to get very wet, highlighting both the severe impacts that extreme weather events like La Nina have on Vanuatu’s people, and also on our resilience and willingness to fight at the global for climate action solutions.

The international media will be on hand to highlight our actions to the world. Many thanks in advance for your participation in this Climate Action Splash Campaign on behalf of the people of Vanuatu.