The Department of the Correctional Services has performed a custom ceremony yesterday to show appreciation to the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs and to reveal the traditional name for the new Correctional Centre for females at Stade area as – Te’a Silae Welu N’matu.

The ceremony was conducted with the presence of four Paramount Chiefs from the villages of Erakor, Pango, Mele and Eratap. Unfortunately, the Chief of Ifira could not attend due to other commitments.

Director of the Department of Correctional Services, Johnny Marango said the purpose of the ceremony is to show respect to the SHEFA Paramount chiefs and to give credit to the new customary name of the building, as part of the custom.

Chief Kalsaur Kalomtak Bomal from Erakor clarified the meaning of the name Te’a Silae Welu N’matu which means ‘assisting or providing support to women’, given to illustrate the importance of how the Correctional Centre can help to change and transform women’s lives to becoming a better role model in the society and economy as a whole.

Chief Simeon Poilapa from Mele as the Chairman of the Vaturisu Council extended the Council’s appreciation to the Correctional Service and congratulated them for their hard work in building the new Female Correctional Centre.

“This building will be seen as an educating area, not a prison house, where women can be educated to a level where respect can be attained,” he said.

Director Marango conveyed this new prison centre will be the first correctional institution built since 1906 by the Vanuatu Government with funding given by the New Zealand Government.

The official launching of the females’ Correctional Centre Te’a Silae Welu N’matu is scheduled for next week on Wednesday July 22nd.