The bereaved parents of Florence Iaruel, the six-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted, raped and murdered at Etas last week are calling for justice for the senseless murder of their daughter.

The late Florence was their second child and only daughter. She attended Preschool at Etas Grace primary School.

Her body was discovered by one of her uncles at around 6am last Wednesday, near a creek at Etas area.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Post, her heartbroken parents said they still could not come into terms with how their young innocent child could become the victim of such a cruel act.

Florence’s Father, Karl Iaruel said he was working that night, he finished his shift and was dropped off at their home at about 2am on Wednesday. He went straight to bed.

“Florence usually sleeps with her grandmother,” he explained. “At the time, she slept with her grandmother. I was still sleeping when i heard Florence’s name being mentioned. I thought she had fallen from a tree and broke her arm. I never imagined i would wake up to what I saw.”

That morning, Florence’s mother prepared gateau and was going to sell it.

Both parents went into her grandmother’s home to check if their daughter was still sleeping and that was when they realised she was not there.

They were  shocked when their dead daughter was brought to them by her uncle.

“Florence’s mother was so shocked that she refused to look at her daughter,” her dad said.

According to the parents, Florence’s body was found near the creek, almost half an hour’s walk away from where they are residing.

One of Florence’s uncles discovered her body but did not recognize his niece. Two other cousins of the deceased who were with their father (Florence’s uncle) were the ones who recognized that the deceased was their cousin.

A post-mortem was conducted on the young deceased’s body last Friday. The result of the post-mortem is yet to be disclosed.

Florence’s parents and relatives said they want to see the person who killed their daughter face the full force of law, saying, “It is about time the Government introduces the death penalty for people who commit these kind of crimes”.

Both Police and Correctional Services have confirmed that Bob Robert, the sole suspect remanded is still on parole from a previous conviction when he was arrested as the suspect in the murder of the six-year old girl.

Florence’s parents have confirmed that they are related to Robert.

Police believe Robert could be the suspect in other major outstanding crime cases.