Everybody loves
submissive woman

Vanuatu men and women
love self-effacing
acquiescing women.

For better or worse
we force
talented women
into acquiescence.

The power echelons
and hierarchies
on acquiescent women.

Vanuatu pays homage
to foreign women
womanples ino gat ples.

Vanuatu supports
liberation movements
in other parts of the world.

Half of Vanuatu
is still colonized
by herself.

Any woman
showing promise
is clouted
into acquiescence.

Vanuatu loves
self-effacing, acquiescing
submissive, slavish, women.

Grace Mera Molisa (17 February 1946, Aoba Island – 4 January 2002, Port Vila) was a ni-Vanuatu politician, poet and campaigner for women’s equality in politics.

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