Dear Editor,

As a young, growing and concerned woman, I feel there is a need to signify the importance of respect and gender equality in school curriculum.

Today, it has become a norm for men, to ‘cat-call’, comment and sexually harass, a female based on her appearance.

They seemed to be oblivious to the fact that what they are doing is creepy and disrespectful.

Women should feel safe and comfortable to walk where they want to without someone asking for her number or telling her that the skirt, she has on shapes her perfectly. This behaviour is disgusting and not of the Christian principles that are taught in most homes and schools.

A person, if fortunate enough, will spend the first 14 years of their life at school.

These years are crucial as they create the foundation and character of an individual.

Therefore, Primary and Secondary schools should add a subject to the curriculum that emphasises the importance of gender equality and respect for both women and men, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I believe implementing this content will have many benefits and gradually cause a change in boys’ behaviour towards girls. Another idea would be combining this concept with the Religious Education subject that is already in place – relating to the Bible and giving examples of real-life situations.

I propose that the Ministry of Education discuss how this can be added to the curriculum. Parents should also discuss the importance of respect.

Elsie Molou

Seaside Area

Port Vila

This letter was written to the Editor of the Vanuatu Daily Post.