FAO increases partnership in Pacific


“On behalf of Mr. Graziano da Sila, FAO Director General, I am honoured to address this inaugural joint meeting, merging Agriculture and Forestry under one banner and one voice.

“This week has brought together the voices of all partners across the agriculture and forestry sectors from the region and beyond, contributing to the vision of a more integrated Pacific Region.

“We are happy that this process comes to life as a joint exercise between FAO and our longstanding partners SPC in the Pacific.”

Food and Agriculture Organisation Deputy Director General, Maria Helena Semedo delivered her address to the first ever merging of the Pacific Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry Meeting (MOAFS) on the heel of the Pacific Week of Agriculture, at Iririki Island Resort on Friday last week.

She said Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face a unique set of challenges, limitations and vulnerabilities and all call for bold actions.

But she said, “By working together in innovative ways, we can find solutions at the local, regional and international levels.

“The Multi-country Programming Framework for 2018-2022 that is being signed later today (last Friday) bears testimony to this.”

On the global front, latest statistics show that 815 million people (11% of the global population) have no food to eat due to conflict and climate change, changing dietary habits and economic slowdowns.

Meanwhile, she said seven out of ten countries with the highest prevalence of obesity and diabetes in the world are in the Pacific, contributing to the rapid rise of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD).

“The Pacific is the only region where stunting and wasting has gone up in the last five years,” she said.

The Global Action Programme (GAP) on Food Security and Nutrition for Small Island Developing States in the Pacific was set up to cover countries which include Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

As a woman from a small island state herself, the FAO Deputy Director General stressed, “A priority for the GAP is increasing gender equality as it brings transformative and multiplier effects for sustainable development, especially when we know that in the Pacific women make up 52 % of the agricultural work force”.

In her concluding remarks she raised the following points;

• Small island states should be viewed as large ocean states.

• In Cabo Verde (my island country), we have 800,000 square kilometres of ocean compared to only 4,000 square kilometres of land.

• In the Pacific I bet you are richer!

• I welcome the Pacific Leaders recent endorsement of The Blue Pacific Identity, recognition that healthy oceans are critical to the economic, cultural and social well-being and good security and activities of the region.

• FAO’s Blue Growth Initiative is supporting SIDS to deliver multiple benefits for oceans-based economic growth.

• FAO is particularly pleased that in recent ears Pacific SIDS have been more engaged in FAO’s work and I really encourage you to be more present. Your leadership in guiding our work is welcome and needed.

• I am hopeful that the outcome of the meeting will be brought to the high level Climate Conference (in Bonn) under the Presidency of Fiji and to the FAO Asia Pacific Regional Conference next April in Fiji.


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  • PM wants civil servants to dress formally

    All civil servants are expected to dress formally for work. This is part of an instruction issued by Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau earlier this week. This instruction is also applicable to all political appointees. “I am instructing that all Appointees under every Ministerial portfolio and Civil servants alike are to adhere to strict Dressing code which consists of a suit and tie within official government working hours,” PM Kalsakau highlighted in a statement. “By this note, this instruction is to be taken as a new standard bearer on how our government is to better serve this nation.” This is effective for all departments under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and all other government line agencies are expected to follow suit, as per the instruction. Daily Post is informed that anyone entering the premises of PMO is also required to dress formally. People are being sent away from the PMO compound for not adhering to this dress code. ______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST   

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    What immediately caught my attention as I walked down towards the Handicraft Centre in Vanuatu’s capital yesterday morning, was the way that strangers walked along the street as if they were walking and swinging their hands to the string band beat of “Swing to the right swing to the left”, and a sudden current of connecting something bigger than big. I entered the building and got caught in the middle, there was dancing by women in spectacular uniform, to welcome the arrival of the first tourists after two years of lockdown. I surveyed each table and was welcomed by the unique smile that landed Vanuatu in the category of the “happiest people on the planet” quite a while back. This time, the vendors made sure that even their tables too smiled with the natural beauty of local flowers. A tourist was interested in the painting by a vendor. I introduced myself and asked her to “keep talking” as I was going to take a picture. Just as well the young artist kept explaining her work while I clicked away on my camera and suddenly, the artist had convinced the tourist who pulled out some notes and bought one of her paintings. I quickly walked to the next table to experience the feeling of joy by those vendors making money again after two years of draught. The sound of “Swing to the right swing to the left” continued. It seems likely that the vendors have made their mark to convince the Cruise companies that the country is ready to welcome their vessels and passengers back. _______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST 

  • CCTV Cameras for Port Vila and Marobe Markets

    Australian High Commissioner Heidi Bootle has added a smile to the faces of the Mama Market Vendors of both Marobe Market and Port Vila Market, by funding CCTV Cameras to constantly look down at them from the roof 24 hours a day. The funding was made based on reports of alleged thefts of both earnings and agricultural produce at the market, including sexual abuse in the past. However the Port Vila Market Manager, Sacha Watt, was praised for catching alleged thieves and returning what they had taken from the vendors. What the camera installments mean is that such criminal behaviour will be nailed because whoever breaks the law in the market will be caught. High Commissioner Bootle and UN Women Representative, Betty Zinner-Toa, for United Nations (UN) Women’s M4C Project, handed over the Remote Controllers to the Deputy Mayor of Port Vila City Council (PVCC) and Secretary General (SG) of SHEFA Provincial Government Council (SPGC), Kalwajin Skepha, yesterday. Mrs. Zinner-Toa hopes the surveillance equipment will be treated with respect and care at all times. Deputy Mayor of PVCC, Jenny Regenvanu, thanked the Australian Government through the High Commission for the valuable assistance as well as UN M4C and all other Partners for the equipment. The launching coincided with the arrival of the first tourist liner with tourists visiting Port Vila and the country again after two years of lockdown due to COVID-19. In fact, a number of curious tourists stopped by to watch the launching ceremony. Everyone present agreed that the CCTV Cameras are also important for both local and foreign visitors who call at the Market. Now if someone forgets his or her bag or wallet or purse on any table, the cameras will capture whoever dares to pick it up. Mr. Watt was praised for the cleanliness of Port Vila Market. The ceremony also heard that similar surveillance equipment will be installed at Luganville Market in the Northern Town. _______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST 

  • Police Briefs

    2 men remanded for alleged rape of Year 8 Student Two men from the village of Alack on Epi have allegedly raped an 8th Grade student from Akama Primary School. These men were remanded for unlawful sex and attempted rape last weekend. The Vanuatu Police Force’s (VPF) Family Protection Unit (FIU) and Police on Epi first reported the incident in May this year. A report was filed regarding the fact that the incident happened to this young girl several times last year. Police were then deployed last weekend to Epi and arrested the two suspects. They brought them back to Port Vila and were taken in custody on that same day. The court remanded them and they will be appearing in court for their Preliminary Inquiry (PI) on November 18 at the Magistrates Court. Police have stressed that rape is becoming a big problem these days, occurring in all communities and involving a growing number of minors between the ages of 13 and 15, especially girls, who are victims. The VPF is urging all community leaders, chiefs, pastors, parents and teachers to help speak to their people to prevent bad activity from happening in our communities. Lakatoro Police action Tuck In Program Police at Lakatoro, Malekula have introduced a new school integration program at Norsup Primary and Secondary School. As part of this Tuck In Program, police officers had to go out and show students to tuck in their uniforms properly when they go to school. This program aims to help educate students about respect, cleanliness and integration. Most of the students entered the schools in the mornings without proper dress and cleanliness. Duo arrested for property damages and abusive language Two men from Ambrym have been remanded in custody after they were sentenced and detained at Lakatoro, Malekula. The duo are facing different charges, one was charged with malicious property damage and threats and the other with threats and abusive language. They were arrested and cautioned by Police on Malekula and brought to trial on different dates and the court sentenced them to serve their prison terms. The person accused of malicious damage to property and threatening was later arrested on October 28, 2022 and the court served an 18-month prison sentence. The other person charged with threats and abusive language appeared in court later on November 10, 2022 and the court granted him 12 months. The police is calling on everyone to behave in public places as well as respect others and their properties. Man arrested for domestic violence and attempted homicide A man from Paama has been arrested and taken into custody for domestic violence and attempted homicide. He appeared in court on October 28. He will appear in the Malekula Magistrates Court at 10am on Friday, November 11 2022. CID: Cyberbullying cases reported daily The VPF’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has reported receiving more than two cybercrime cases on a daily basis this month. Most of these cases are extortion and criminal defamation on social media. These actions are punishable by up to 14 years in prison and a fine of VT1 million under the Cybercrime Act. Disclaimer All content in the Police Briefs column is supplied regularly to the Vanuatu Daily Post by the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF)’s Media Unit. This is part of the VPF’s efforts to keep members of the public reliably informed. ______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST 

  • Healthcare workers attend STIs, HIV and Monkeypox training

    Healthcare workers from six provinces participated in a clinical capacity training to address viral Hepatitis B, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Sexual Transmitted Infection (STIs) and Monkeypox. This training provides better understanding of reporting channels for Nationally Notifiable Diseases (NNDs) and sensitization of local partners and stakeholders. The prevalence of Hepatitis B in Vanuatu is estimated to be 12.8% (33,289 people). In 2020, Vanuatu had an estimated mortality rate of 13.7/100,000 population or about 40 deaths per year and ranks first in the Pacific. This training comes at a good time with Tenofovir, an antiviral treatment for viral hepatitis, recently being added to the Vanuatu national essential drug list. The HIV cases in Vanuatu is estimated to be low, but further testing is needed. Vanuatu reported its first HIV positive case in 2002, followed by the second case in 2003, and the first recorded death in 2006. To date, there are a total of eight (8) cases currently on treatment. All cases are compliant with treatment and are well monitored. There has been one reported case in a pregnant woman and currently on treatment, and her baby subsequently tested negative for HIV. There has also been one case of TB/HIV coinfection and this case patient was cured for TB and continues to be compliant with treatment. STIs are estimated to be high in Vanuatu. Data from second generation surveillance of antenatal women, STI clinic clients and youth in 2008 found high rates of chlamydia (25%) and early syphilis infection (5%) in antenatal women. Rates of gonorrhoea were high in youth (21%) and STI clinic clients (20%) as testing rates estimate is still low. For Monkeypox, no cases were identified in Vanuatu; however, the spread of cases globally highlights the risk of importation within the country. Globally, more than 1 million people are newly infected with STIs each day, and 4.5 million with HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, each year. Prior to 2022, monkeypox outbreaks have been reported from 12 countries with occasional exported cases reported from other countries. In 2022 there have been cases identified in non-endemic countries, presenting a new challenge to the global public health community. The training will build capacity of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, public health officials) to better address the risks to individuals and communities associated with HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis and monkeypox. The Ministry of Health acknowledged technical and financial support from the World Health Organization and Australian Government towards this training. _______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST 

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