FAO increases partnership in Pacific


“On behalf of Mr. Graziano da Sila, FAO Director General, I am honoured to address this inaugural joint meeting, merging Agriculture and Forestry under one banner and one voice.

“This week has brought together the voices of all partners across the agriculture and forestry sectors from the region and beyond, contributing to the vision of a more integrated Pacific Region.

“We are happy that this process comes to life as a joint exercise between FAO and our longstanding partners SPC in the Pacific.”

Food and Agriculture Organisation Deputy Director General, Maria Helena Semedo delivered her address to the first ever merging of the Pacific Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry Meeting (MOAFS) on the heel of the Pacific Week of Agriculture, at Iririki Island Resort on Friday last week.

She said Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face a unique set of challenges, limitations and vulnerabilities and all call for bold actions.

But she said, “By working together in innovative ways, we can find solutions at the local, regional and international levels.

“The Multi-country Programming Framework for 2018-2022 that is being signed later today (last Friday) bears testimony to this.”

On the global front, latest statistics show that 815 million people (11% of the global population) have no food to eat due to conflict and climate change, changing dietary habits and economic slowdowns.

Meanwhile, she said seven out of ten countries with the highest prevalence of obesity and diabetes in the world are in the Pacific, contributing to the rapid rise of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD).

“The Pacific is the only region where stunting and wasting has gone up in the last five years,” she said.

The Global Action Programme (GAP) on Food Security and Nutrition for Small Island Developing States in the Pacific was set up to cover countries which include Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

As a woman from a small island state herself, the FAO Deputy Director General stressed, “A priority for the GAP is increasing gender equality as it brings transformative and multiplier effects for sustainable development, especially when we know that in the Pacific women make up 52 % of the agricultural work force”.

In her concluding remarks she raised the following points;

• Small island states should be viewed as large ocean states.

• In Cabo Verde (my island country), we have 800,000 square kilometres of ocean compared to only 4,000 square kilometres of land.

• In the Pacific I bet you are richer!

• I welcome the Pacific Leaders recent endorsement of The Blue Pacific Identity, recognition that healthy oceans are critical to the economic, cultural and social well-being and good security and activities of the region.

• FAO’s Blue Growth Initiative is supporting SIDS to deliver multiple benefits for oceans-based economic growth.

• FAO is particularly pleased that in recent ears Pacific SIDS have been more engaged in FAO’s work and I really encourage you to be more present. Your leadership in guiding our work is welcome and needed.

• I am hopeful that the outcome of the meeting will be brought to the high level Climate Conference (in Bonn) under the Presidency of Fiji and to the FAO Asia Pacific Regional Conference next April in Fiji.


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  • National Disability Inclusive Education Policy finalised

    Vanuatu’s Disability Inclusive Education Policy draft has been finalised. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) in a statement yesterday. The policy aims to ensure all children with a disability across Vanuatu have equal access to education. The MoET acknowledged the collaborative efforts among a range of its key stakeholders to develop this policy, stating a dedicated cohort of stakeholders convened a workshop to review, and update the MoET Disability Inclusive Education Policy from 29 January to February 2, 2024. The stakeholders included the MoET inclusive education team, the disability desk officer from the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, provincial education officers, provincial inclusive education coordinators, representative from the Vanuatu Society for People with Disability, School of Education, and development partners such as UNICEF, Vanuatu Education Support Program, Vanuatu Skills Partnership, Global Partnership for Education, New Zealand High Commission in Vanuatu, and the Disability Focal Point of the Australian High Commission in Vanuatu, convened to review and update the MoET Disability Inclusive Education Policy. Key discussions involved the Pacific Regional Inclusive Education Review findings, enabling participants to define priority actions crucial for advancing inclusive education in Vanuatu. One of the significant achievements was the successful completion of the last consultation, culminating in the finalisation of the draft Inclusive Education Policy. “Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society, and inclusivity lies at the heart of our commitment,” said MoET Director of Education Services, Mrs. Nanise Lapi. “This workshop reflects our dedication to crafting a comprehensive Disability Inclusive Education Policy that will not only guide our educators but ensure that every child in Vanuatu has equal access to quality education. The collaborative efforts of all participants and our valued development partners are pushing us towards a future where no child is left behind.” The Disability Inclusive Education Policy will guide and support various stakeholders, including school principals, teachers, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), school communities, and children with disabilities, fostering an environment that ensures access to education for all in Vanuatu. The MoET, in collaboration with communities, schools, and development partners, reaffirms its commitment to delivering the commitments on the Vanuatu National Sustainable Development Plan 2016 to 2030, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This commitment emphasises the collective effort to continually improve access, quality, and management within Vanuatu’s education system. _______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST

  • Man jailed for raping teenage niece

    A 24-year-old man who raped his 18-year-old niece when she was a student at Santo East School last year was given a 4 years and 4 months jail term. Owen Aru and his niece were both living with his older sister at Bombua area when he raped her while drunk on the night of November 3. According to the court summary, Aru asked her to follow him to the store and on their way he grabbed her towards some elephant grass and forced her to have sex with him. The victim tried to escape but he held her hand, she tried to call out but he blocked her mouth with his hands. Aru threatened to kill the victim if she tells anyone about what happened. When she went home she lied to her grandfather that she was with her friend because she was scared. On November 9, the defendant came home drunk and begun threatening his family. He told his sister he will go to prison, but first he will kill five of them and will also burn their house. He also said he had not meant to rape his niece but because he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. The defendant admitted his offending to the police. After considering the aggravating factors, Judge Viran Molisa Trief of the Supreme Court gave him a sentence start point of 7 years’ imprisonment for committing the offences of sexual intercourse without consent and threat to kill under the Penal Code Act. His sentence was reduced by one third following his early guilty pleas. Judge Trief further reduced his sentence by 4 months due to his personal factors including his youth. He has no previous convictions and his willing to perform a custom ceremony with the complaints. Mr. Aru’s sentence is backdated to when he was taken into custody on November 10. The sentence is concurrent for both offences. “The end sentences will not be suspended as there are no exceptional circumstances warranting suspension. “An immediate custodial sentence must be imposed for this serious sexual offending,” stated Judge Trief. Aru was given 14 days to appeal the sentence. _______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST

  • Matauatu and Joe beat number 1 Australian team to grab gold

    Vanuatu’s beach volleyball duo of Linline Matauatu and Loti Joe have outclassed Australia’s top seeded team in a Sandstorm Beach Volleyball event in Brisbane, Australia, by a straight set (2-0) victory over the weekend. Though ranked 7th in the tournament, the girls claimed victory after a hard win 21-17 and 21-14 win against the Australian girls Elizabeth Alchin and Jasmine Rayner who had an astounding height difference to their advantage. The formidable match began with the both parties smashing each other with an exciting and tough game as they all fought to grab the lead at the round 10A of the Queensland Beach Volleyball Tournament (QBVT). However, the Vanuatu girls Matautu and Joe found open spaces and were topping the ball over every minute they could find as a significant step to maintain the reins. Five-point loss for a 15-10 lead in the first minutes of the game saw Loti being very consistent and very disciplined in their approach, adding smart tactics to keep taking the lead. In the final minutes of the first set, the girls got the with a nice 17 to 10 points thanks to the great tactical approach taken by these young ballers, proving that team Australia could only eat sand dust at the initial moments. Matauatu and her partner gave an outstanding performance reaching up to almost a stunning 10 difference for the teams. Nevertheless, at the count of only one goal to take the first set victory, team Australia speed up their game while pausing the speedy goal accumulation from their counterparts. Moving from 15, then adding up each goal by the minute to 19 for the Aussies and 20 for Lin and her partner. In the end the Vanuatu girls take lead with 21 -18 as the referee blew the whistle to announce the time up. The girls and dropped 5 points. Matauatu and Joe kicked off the second set with a point lead. The score evened out seconds later as the Australian pair smashed in a powerful blow but a weak defence on the Vanuatu side added to the Australians’ win. At the first switch over, Vanuatu flag still flew as the girls defended their home to a close 4-3 lead. Powerful shots were smashed in from both sides at the final match. The girls who work for Icomply recruitment agency kept their heads up and high as they grabbed the golden win. To book a spot in the grand final, Matauatu and Joe had to defeat the 3rd seeded Australian team in their semi-final match in two straight sets (21-17, 21-17). ______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE:VANUATU DAILY POST

  • Suspended sentences for police officers in assault case

    Three police officers, Joe Toto, Ralph Lele and Maual Kalontas, were given suspended sentences after pleading guilty to intentional assault causing temporary injury to a man from Malatoi village at Big Bay area on Santo during an operation in 2020. Two other officers, Michel Kalo and Allan Konmawi, also pleaded guilty to malicious damage to property contrary to the Penal Code [CAP 135]. Corporal Toto assaulted a complainant by hitting her with a dry coconut leaf branch. She was examined and her injuries reported include headache and slight dizziness, blunt trauma to head, slight swelling on head, slight haematoma on both eyes, pain on neck, slight swelling on both forearms and haematoma on lower lumbar region. The complainant was at her house when the police officers arrived and asked if she knew Chief John Pune, one of the accused person they were investigating for assault, threats and arson. She denied that it was his house and the corporal dragged her to the coconut plantation and assaulted her. When the officers then returned to Luganville, they were informed of further reports of threats. A group of officers returned to Mataloi village to take statements and arrest suspects. They damaged properties and assaulted residents. One of the residents, a pastor, sustained bleeding on his head after being hit on the head and on the chest by Constable Lele. He was assaulted while handcuffed. Constable Kalontas slapped Mr. Pune and punched him in the ribs after arresting him at Mataloi Bible School. Under the Penal Code, intentional assault causing temporary injury has a 5 years’ imprisonment and VT5, 000 fine or 1 year imprisonment or both for malicious damage to property. Toto was given a sentence start point of 18 months’ imprisonment, 2 years’ imprisonment for Lele, 12 months for Kalontas, Kalo and Konmawi 6 month’s imprisonment. All received a sentence reduction by 25% due to their guilty pleas and a further 25% for personal factors, such as being remorseful and having no previous convictions. They all are hard-working officers and have performed custom reconciliation ceremonies with the Tabwemasana Council of Chiefs and complainants involving cash, pieces of iron roofing, pig, kava, mats and local food crops. In the verdict dated last Friday, Supreme Court Judge Viran Molisa Trief warned the officers they will be taken into custody if they are convicted of any offence within the next one year period. They were sentenced to complete 60 hours of community work. ______________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST

  • VFHA reflects on TC Lola response

      The Vanuatu Family Health Association (VFHA) has recently held a conference to reflect on its humanitarian response on the islands of Ambrym and Paama following Tropical Cyclone (TC) Lola. Disasters such as TC Lola affected vulnerable people, such as women and girls, disproportionately. Families were left with poorer sanitation and hygiene conditions. VFHA response focuses on the health and rights of women and girls in remote areas. On both islands, VFHA was able to provide services to 1907 beneficiaries during the response activity. These services included Sexual Reproductive Health Services and General Conditions Services. VFHA reached 23 communities on both islands, and more than 4000 services were provided. VFHA was able to provide these services due to the generous donations received from our donors as well as our partners. VFHA was able to leverage the resources it had in order to expand services and provide services to more beneficiaries. VFHA was able to increase its reach and coverage through the use of partnerships and donations, which allowed them to purchase the necessary supplies. Partners and donors present at the consultation conference include Australian Aid, Ministry of Health, SHEFA Health, MALAMPA Health, VPride, Save the Children as well as members of the VFHA Board of Directors. These organisations and donors are important stakeholders in the work of the VFHA and their support is essential to the success of the organisation. Their presence at this event signals their commitment to the VFHA’s mission and provides a platform for the organization to build relationships with other stakeholders. While thanking the partners for their ongoing support, the local Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) assured its commitment to continuing to build and foster relationship their relationship. The consultation was an opportunity for VFHA to share the success of its response activity with the partners and also share inputs to strengthen response. _____________________________________________________________________ SOURCE: VANUATU DAILY POST

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