The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) will introduce a Parent Support Program (PSP) in 2022.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is an important critical time for the human development process.

In the first three years, there are a lot of challenges happening in the brain of a child and the interaction a child has with his/her family, and the environment they grow up in can shape their future. The early life of a child is an important aspect however public money to fund critical foundations towards ECD learning is evidently low.

The aim of the PSP is to raise awareness on the importance of ECD and its roles in which parents or caregivers’ play in a child’s health, development, learning and happiness.

Workshops within the PSP addresses care and development of babies and of a child. The workshops build up on parents’ knowledge on ECD as well as introducing new information and ideas, using posters, booklets, role plays and activities. Participants also share and discuss issues surrounding the topic. Caring for a child is everyone’s business within a community, so PSP is essential for those directly involved or responsible for ECD.

When caring for a child, (whether a parent, grandparent, sister, or a family member), is an important role. The future of a community is at the hands of every child. All child has the right to feel loved, feel safe and grow healthy, happy and play an active role in their community.

PSP is here to help and support the community, and not to enforce duties and responsibilities.

PSP is aware of a community’s responsibility towards a child, aware of its changes and the challenges in catering for a child.

The workshops are part of the Parent Education Program providing an avenue to talk about the practices and behaviors in taking care of a child but also an opportunity to learn how to handle the very few challenges in which parents and guidance are facing when these days in looking after a child and supporting their growth and development.

The next edition will base on the topic, “Who is the parent and the caregiver of a child?”