Jacqueline Robert

The only welder female at the 2023 Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) Open Day competition impress supervisors for her outstanding performance.

Jacqueline Robert, from Tongariki, who enrolled this year at the VITin mechanical engineering was the only female competitor out of eight participants of the competition.

According to one of the welding competition’s judges, the competition is for metal work and involves welding and the fabrication of metal frames. The criteria they had to meet included safety, material choice and use, fabrication precision, welding quality, and aesthetics.

“I can say that if you look at her performance, she scores 10 in 3 of her criteria. She scored 10 in Material selection and use Fabrication precision and welding quality.

“She is a highly bright young lady. She has received training in these institutions to interpret drawings, which is how she is able to do so. Her instructor won’t specify what is included in the sketch, so she must read it and choose her own materials,” the judge said.

Robert is so excited that this open day they can accept her to be part of the competition to weld. He said that the competition weld 3 leg iron stool

“They told us to be in groups of two, to weld the iron stool, but the Principal did not agree with the idea, he wants individuals to carry out the task. So today, I fabricated a 3 leg iron stool by myself.

“I just started studying mechanical engineering at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology this year. We specialize in welding on our side,” she said.

The difficulties she encounters, according to her, are that the males always act as like they know more than them women while they are out performing actual job.

“My teacher advises us to work at VATE Industries since they are more specialized in welding and can aid us more in our careers if we ever wanted to upgrade our abilities,” she said.

She is reassuring women that they are capable of carrying out the same tasks that men do, and that it is not difficult at all. If you think negatively of yourself, however, it may seem difficult.