Luganville executive with their 4 candidates

The Nagriamel Movement is poised to participate in the Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) election at the end of this month.

The Secretary General (SG) of the Movement, Jeff Patunvanu, stated that during their meeting last week, they reached a consensus to present four candidates in the election. Mr. Patunvanu disclosed that among the four candidates, three are female, and one is male.

Astina Steven, one of the daughters of the late Moli Jimmy Steven, the founder of Nagriamel, will be contesting in the Southern ward. Noel Bulewak will stand in the Eastern ward, Marie Blu and Boelum Mavatu in the Northern ward, and Serah Pikioune in the Central ward.

In a statement to the Vanuatu Daily Post, Mrs. Steven, clarified that Nagriamel is not a political party but a Movement in which people share their resources and experiences. She said her decision to run in the Luganville municipal election, aiming to contribute to the development of the northern town and share her wealth of experience.

Mrs. Steven mentioned that she had contemplated standing in the last municipal election but decided to give another mother in her ward, Elizabeth Tura, an opportunity to run. Mrs. Tura contested the previous municipal election and won her seat. Mrs. Steven added, “Now I believe it is God’s plan for me to run in this election, and I accepted the invitation from the movement’s executive.”

Furthermore, Steven said Nagriamel has previously contested in the Luganville municipal council elections. Mrs. Pikioune served as a councilor during the outgoing council.

In the recent snap election, Nagriamel successfully secured one of the seats in the Santo constituency through Mr. Joshua Pikioune, whose mother is Serah Pikioune.