Mothers in Port Vila are raising their voices in concern over the deteriorating state of pediatric health services, particularly at the George Pompidou public health facility.

This facility has been a vital healthcare hub for countless mothers and their babies, but they are now facing challenges that put their health and comfort at risk.

One of the mothers, who voiced her frustration, expressed her disappointment over the inadequate service delivery by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Her concerns echo the sentiments of many mothers who face similar challenges.

They lament the lack of proper seating and waiting areas at the clinic, which exposes them and their infants to the harsh elements, be it the hot sun or heavy rain.

“It’s disheartening to see our babies suffer in these conditions,” said one concerned mother, drawing on the urgent need for improvements in pediatric healthcare services in Port Vila.

It was not long ago that the mothers were assured by the staff nurses that the clinic would be moving to a newly refurbished facility this month. However, their optimism has turned to frustration as they are yet to see any progress on the promised refurbishments. They are left wondering when the MOH will deliver on its commitment to provide them with an adequate healthcare facility for their babies’ mandatory vaccinations.

Mr. Matthew Robinson, a male midwife who plays a key role in Vanuatu’s healthcare system, shared his insight into the situation.

He affirmed that the MOH is working on refurbishing the clinics at George Pompidou and remains hopeful that these necessary improvements will be completed on schedule.

“The MOH acknowledges the urgency of this situation. We are committed to ensuring that mothers and their babies receive the quality healthcare they deserve,” said Mr. Robinson.

As these mothers await better healthcare facilities, they hope that the Ministry responsible will swiftly provide the support needed for the welfare of the community’s youngest and most vulnerable members.