Police Commissioner Robson Iavro urges young people to take precautionary measures.

Police are investigating the death of a teenage girl whose body was discovered on the Teouma roadside last weekend.

Police Commissioner, Robson Iavro confirmed investigations into the suspected homicide, affirming the deceased was found by individuals in a bread delivery bus at dawn on the Teouma roadside.

Commissioner Iavro affirmed the girl is a student of Lycee. The individuals in the Bread delivery van called ProMedical and the Police when the body was found. When the police arrived, ProMedical was already at the scene and the girl was confirmed to be dead.

According to schoolmates of the deceased, she is from Banks and a Year 10 at Lycee, residing at Anamburu.

The body has been identified and is now at the Vila Central Hospital mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

“The state of the body leads us to doubt it was a natural death, we presume it is a homicide but we are awaiting the autopsy report to confirm that. Observations on the girl being intoxicated can also be deduced as true or false after the autopsy is complete,” Mr Iavro explained.

The VPF Commissioner urges young people to take precautionary measures when going out.

“Let others know where you are going, ask for permission and weigh out if it is a need for you to go to these places, especially at late hours of the night,” he said.