Fest’Napuan, the Pacific’s longest-running contemporary music festival is set to kick off at Saralana at 5PM today.

The stage is all set, against the striking Fest’Napuan 2019 logo backdrop designed by Narsong Taleo.

To ease traffic congestion at Saralana, the organising committee yesterday advised that parking behind the road behind the stage to Chiefs Nakamal is reserved for official Fest’Napuan transport only.

This particular stretch of road is restricted for one-way traffic and vehicles are prohibited from entering the road to the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta premises.

Drivers are urged to heed the advice and respect the signs by the Fest’ Napuan 2019 traffic management for the safety of everyone at the festival.

Similar to last year, waste deposited at the festival will be managed by World Vision’s waste management ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ project.

Under this project, youth groups are paid to assist with the waste management and general waste management information is also disseminated to members of the public who attend the festival.

Members of the public who have missed out on the past Fest’Napuan 2019 T-Shirt sales can check out the Fest’Napuan Merchandise stall today.