Trial for the six taxi and bus drivers accused for the alleged kidnapping and assault of 30-year-old Florence Lengkon over a comment she made on Facebook, started yesterday afternoon.

The trial began with the defense lawyers amending the defendants’ plea.

A total of five different charges were laid by the prosecution but not all defendants are facing the same charges. Two of the defendants, Pierre Noal and Glen Kovoi, who were charged with kidnapping, contrary to section 105 of the Penal Code Act [Cap 135] changed their initial not guilty pleas to guilty.

Michael Samuel who initially plead not guilty to one count of aiding and abetting kidnapping contrary to section 30 and 105 of the Penal Code Act also had his plea amended to guilty, by his lawyer.

Count three is a charge of unlawful assembly contrary to section 69 of the Penal Code Act. One out of the five defendants, Elton Worwor plead not guilty while Pierre Noal, Ben Koro and Glen Kovoi plead guilty.

In count 4, Ben Koro plead not guilty while Glen Kovoi and Charley Kasauali plead guilty.

Count 5 is threats to kill contrary to section 115 of the Penal Code Act. Charley Kasuali, and Ben Koro plead not guilty while Glen Kovoi plead guilty.

The Prosecution told the court they are prepared to bring in at least six witness,including the complainant herself.

After the pleas were amended,Ms Lengkon bravely took the witness bench and related to the court the event of March, when she was allegedly kidnapped and assaulted by the defendants.

The trial will continue until Friday. READ MORE