The three smiling Judo Medalists and SG Mainguy. Photo: Supplied

Team Judo has grabbed Vanuatu’s first three medals, one silver and two bronze at the Pacific Games.

Veronica Tari, Anna Bumseng, and Priscilla Monthuel won the medals on their first day of competition.

Bumseng beat host nation for a bronze win and Tari lost to Tahiti to grab Silver. Priscilla also won a bronze medal against Kiribati.

Secretary General (SG) of the Vanuatu Association of Sports and Olympic Committee (VASANOC), Cyrille Mainguy was so pleased at the girl’s performance and thanked them for making Vanuatu proud.

“As SG of Vanuatu, I was there to support the ladies and they showed true Vanuatu fighting spirit and 3 ladies from Vanuatu came for Judo and all three won a medal for Vanuatu. These medals are also the first 3 medals for Vanuatu at the Pacific Games and I am so proud of our ladies,” exclaimed a proud SG.He congratulated the athletes and the Judo Federation for the achievement.

Vice President for Judo Federation in Vanuatu, Nazario Fiakaifonu, also applauded the girls on their impressive win saying out of four athletes, Vanuatu has claimed three medals and as the first medal winners for the national team, this was a big step for the Judo Federation in Vanuatu.

“Three of these athletes are first- time international level competitors and this is a huge achievement for them. We must hope to gain more gold medals in the next Pacific Games,” he said.

Fiakaifonu calls on all energetic youngsters to come and be part of the judo community if they wish to. “This sport can make you a champion,” he concluded.

Allan Monthouel, Priscilla’s younger brother lost to Kiribati but gained experience out of it.