4 kakai blong Kumala katem long ol smolsmo pis (yu save usem pumpkin tu sapos yu no gat kumala)

4 cup blong mik blong kokonas (mixim gud wetem wota)

3 smol spun yeast

1 kg plain flaoa


Fasin blong mekem

1. Katem kumala i ko long wan saucepan afta kapsaedem milk blong kokonas i komo kukum blong 15 minute o kasem taem we kumala i sopsop mo tan.

2. Karem aot long faea mo lego i stap kolkol.

3. Strainem flaoa i ko long wan dish, adem yeast i ko mo mixim gud.

4. Afta we kumala i kolkol, kapsaedem i ko long flaoa wetem yeast mo mixim gud kasem we i sopsop gud (be bae i no wota tumas from sapos no bae i wetwet mo bae i no save tan gud)


5. Kapsaedem i ko long wan baking tray mo bakem blong 25-30 minute o kasem i brown antap long hem.

6. Tekemaot mo i redi blong servem wetem wan sup o salad.



This recipe was provided by the Wan Smolbag Nutrition Centre. The Nutrition Centre offers cooking classes that are combined with agricultural workshops to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle. The centre provides youth the opportunity to learn the nutritional value of ingredients and different cooking methods and recipes from around the world. It uses local ingredients from their onsite garden and the market to provide tasty and nutritious meals.

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