Both the President of the National Youth Council (NYC), Mr. Morry Ruben and Principal Administrator of the NYC, Mr. Joe Higgs Kalo, have called on all 100,000, plus registered young people throughout the country to prepare now to vote for the coming Referendum to change the Constitution as approved by Parliament.

Both youth leaders have welcomed the opportunity for all their members to use their democratic rights to vote to “make change”.

The leaders welcomed the powerful Youth Protest March to Parliament last November, to demand “political stability” following the formation of three short-lived Governments one after another three times last year.

In their messages to the current Prime Minister (PM), Mr. Charlot Salwai who met them at the Pig’s Tusk at the entrance to Parliament, the youths said they were tired of political instability and called for immediate change to prompt solid political leadership.

The Youth President said it is likely that perhaps some of their members are related to the original signatories of the “Mama Law”.

He said in that case, for them to vote in favour of an “Amendment to the Constitution” is highly relevant and they should be proud as the timing is right.

Mr. Kalo said the Government’s call for referendum does prove that the authorities have now realised that the youths mean business and that they cannot continue to be ignored because with a total number of over 100,000, they can easily make change.

However the Principal Administrator said whatever change is made, it has to be a positive one for positive development.

National Coordinator for the Red Movement, Mr. Mike Esrom and secretary Mr. John Botleng spoke highly of the time ahead but grouped them with the NYC said only in this manner can the message reach from the top to the bottom of the youth structure throughout all six Provinces and the two Municipalities.

Mr. Kalo said approximately 100,000 registered young people are ready to cast their votes in political elections.

He agreed that with 49 empty chairs in the Pig’s Tusk waiting for the young protestors last November was “sad to see”, reminding all MPs that the young voters have the numbers to be able to make change.