A 54-year-old man that threatened to kill his de-facto partner for voting for a particular candidate without his approval, has been sentenced by the Supreme Court this week.

Sam Philimon said these words to effect when he used a knife to attack his partner. “You think I am afraid of Prison? I am not afraid of what the Magistrate said. The law applies to all, I am not afraid of the law. I will kill/murder you now and can go for jail for it.”

Philimon was convicted on three counts. He received an end sentence of 3 years imprisonment for threats to kill, and a further 12 months imprisonment and 6 months imprisonment for breach of protection order.

The court heard that on October 15, 2019, at Ohlen Area, the defendant assaulted her partner several times. He was drunk and on returning home, he started accusing her for voting for someone against his will.

He swung a knife towards her but she jumped out to avoid being cut. When she removed the knife from Philimon, he assaulted her with his fist on the right side of her face, loosening some of her teeth. He took a rock and threw it at his partner, hitting her on the left side of her body. He took another rock and hit her left hand, causing it to fracture.

The partner attempted to seek protection from the neighbours but, according to court, Philimon followed her and dragged her by her fractured left hand back to their house.

One of the defendant’s sons intervened and took the complainant home. She was admitted and discharged later that same day.

The 54-year-old is not a first time offender. His first offending was for attempted incest. He was was given a suspended sentence for that offence.

Philimon has performed a custom reconciliation to his partner and children for his actions.