The Government, through the United Nation Women’s Market for Change (M4C) project is building three new market houses on Efate rural at Beverly Hills, Melemaat and Emua.

On Emua, the market house will be built by Pits Cleaning & Building Enterprise at a tendered contract value of Vt6.8 million, exclusive of VAT.

The contract to build the Melemaat and Benverly Hills market houses have been awarded by the government to T.M Construction.

The Melemaat structure will be built at a contract value of Vt6.2 million exclusive of VAT and the Beverly Hills market will be built for the same amount.

The M4C project focuses on ensuring that market places in rural and urban areas are safe, inclusive and non discriminatory, promoting gender, social economic empowerment of market vendors, with specific attention to the needs and aspirations of women market vendors.

In Vanuatu, three municipal areas and five ring roads market sites were selected inside the project.

Emua is one of the five ring road markets as well as Melemaat and Beveryhills markets.

The government is supporting this project as it goes in line with the National Sustainable Development Plan.

The three projects had five bidders for the construction of the new markets.

Emua’s market house tender had to be given to Pits Cleaning & Building Enterprise because the first two had already been awarded to T.M Construction, to meet the time frame of the project, which November 2019 as only one company doing all three would not complete everyone by then.

The Central Tender Board approved the tender evaluation report and recommendations on June 11, 2019 before a submission to get the approval on the tenders was jointly made before the Council of Ministers Internal Affairs Minister Andrew Napuat and Finance Minister Gaetan Pikioune.