The Daily Post is proud to announce we have a new editor.

Jane Joshua has been working for the Daily Post newspaper for many years, and from the beginning, she demonstrated her top-flight journalistic skills. Her reporting has provided an essential addition to the public dialogue.

Her reporting of human rights abuses among the country’s prison population contributed to fundamental changes in how our incarcerated population are treated.

Jane broke the story detailing the contents of the Commission of Inquiry into the fatal sinking of the local vessel MGY, in which charges of manslaughter were laid against the owner, captain and a crew member of the ship. Outcry from this commission of inquiry report led to the creation of a Maritime Regulator and the current wholesale reform of the maritime sector.

Her work as Associate Editor recently has contributed significantly to this company’s expanded radio news and current affairs programming, and its burgeoning presence on social media. The Daily Post news group is the most reputable source of information and news about Vanuatu in social media today. Our social media news coverage has reached as many as 120,000 people in a single day.

Jane has written nearly 270 front page stories in the last four years alone.

 Her elevation to the rank of editor makes her one of very few women in the top rank of the news media establishment in the Pacific islands. She is the first woman to occupy the role of editor at this newspaper.

Royson Willie remains as associate editor, and will continue to be a key contributor to our print, radio and online news. This lateral move will provide him with more time to contribute to the creation of news stories. Expect to see his byline more in the coming weeks and months.