Women in Efate’s offshore island of Nguna want the next Efate members of parliament to work closely with the community of Nguna to address roads conditions on the island.

The Women’s representative at Farealapa village on Nguna, Elizabeth Dickson, said Nguna is one of the islands at the doorstep of the government of Vanuatu that has never seen any constructive development since 1980 and that the voters have been used to build power house of south Efate MPs and that concept must be changed in 2020.

Mrs Dickson said no option was given during the last 39 years to enable women for a better way of living and to date, women and children are still struggling while MPs voted have different agendas after elections.

“I am making the call now that we are coming to a new election and people will get all sorts of promises but in Nguna, the population must think twice before they suffer again in the next 4 years,” she explained.

Mrs Dickson said it’s about time that the people of Nguna and Pele decides on their own destiny by electing an MP who is from North Efate and particularly Nguna in the upcoming general elections.

The majority of women on Nguna still rely on subsistence farming to make a living and the road from the coastal area to the villages up the hill is quite a big concern since 1980.

“Even a well-known major political party has failed in doing something for Nguna ever since it was in the government since 1980,” she said.