One of the injured patients who was medevaced to Vila for emergency medical care in the aftermaths of category 5 cyclone Harold has recently died.

The woman who died at Vila Central Hospital (VCH) is from Melsisi in central Pentecost, one of the hardest-hit areas. She suffered injury from a fallen brick when she sought refuge under a table after the roof of her house was ripped off. She was flown to Port Vila several days later.

Three other injured women, a man, a child and a teenager, also from Pentecost were medevaced to Port Vila, including another woman from Santo.

The woman from Santo sustained fractures on her leg when she sought shelter in a classroom building at Teproma area during the cyclone.

She was rushed to the Northern Provincial Hospital on the same day she was wounded after the cyclone weakened before she was medevaced to VCH for further treatment.

The teenager and others received injuries caused by broken glasses.

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports of injuries requiring medical attention in other most affected areas like Santo bush.

Two medical evacuations were made from Santo to Port Vila last week. A helicopter carrying a medical team also went to Pentecost.

The first team of nurses and one doctor from Port Vila are already in Santo assessing health centres and providing medical services.