Doctor Basil Leodoro was reinstated on Wednesday, February 7 after months of suspension on half salary.

In a press statement to media outlets, the Public Service Commission (PSC) reiterated that in no way a public servant when suspended will attempt to bypass the Disciplinary Process set out in the Public Service Staff Manual.

“When a public servant is suspended and the Employee Disciplinary Report (EDR) is issued to him/her and it is a must that the EDR is returned within the required time frame which is 7 days,” it stated.

“The doctor has never responded to the allegation against him and has in couple of occasions used the media in Vanuatu to fight his case through.

“The PSC is disappointed to see such an attitude from a respected surgeon who tried to use other means, other than the PSC Disciplinary Processes to fight his case.”

PSC stressed that the Disciplinary Processes outlined in the Public Service Staff Manual must always be adhered to and in no exception the Commission will operate outside these setting to deal with a Disciplinary Case.

The Commission has lifted Dr Leodoro’s suspension on Wednesday and has given 72 hours for the doctor to resume duties.

Failure to do that will lead to further disciplinary sanctions against him.

Member of Parliament and National Secretary of Vanuatu National Workers Union, Ephraim Kalsakau has applauded the decision made by the PSC.

“The Union is happy with the decision taken by the PSC to reinstate Dr Leodoro to continue his service to the people of the Northern part of the country and the nation of Vanuatu,” he said.

The Director General to the Health Ministry, George Taleo has also confirmed the reinstatement.

The Daily Post has made several attempts to reach Dr Leodoro for more comments but was unsuccessful. However, the doctor had called in earlier and confirmed his reinstatement.