Director Toalak (4th from left next to DG Amos. Director of Agriculture next to DG Amos and Livestock Director. Next to Toalak is Private Sectary to the Minister of MALFFB Merelyn Arnambath. Photo: Supplied

Director of the Department of Biosecurity (DoB), Meriam Seth Toalak, as the only female Director at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) ended her contract yesterday.

Director General (DG) of MALFFB, Moses Amos, acknowledged Toalak for her contributions to the DoB and her service in the Public Service. He commended her for maintaining a high stamina amid rigorous working conditions, especially working among a male dominated workfore.

Under Toalak’s tenure in the past three years, Biosecurity Vanuatu produced a standard tahitian lime pathway which now open doors to export of this comkodity.

Among the many challenges posed by COVID-19 and the incursion of CRB, Toalak stood tall and managed to drive the department to achieve its goals and objectives such as expanding the current organization structure, improving the Biosecurity Vanuatu infrastructure which includes our very own Fumigation chamber thus facilitating exports, and improving Biosecurity systems.

Toalak holds a Masters in Plant Pathology at University of Adelaide and will complete her PhD at Lincoln University NZ in 2023.

She joined Biosecurity Vanuatu in 1999 and spends 23 years in the Plant Health Section.