My name is Roselyn Tari, and I come from the Island of Ambae/Ambrym. I am 30 years old, and the only female amongst the other producers who are all men for the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation’s Television blong Vanuatu.

Growing up I always dreamt of becoming a nurse. Then, in 2013 I worked as a volunteer at Further Arts. Working there, I was fortunate to learn the basics of how to film and edit a movie. So, volunteering at Further Arts, I started to build my understanding of what it means to produce a film.

I first participated in the Namatan Short Film Festival in 2014, when I produced my first short film titled ‘Bush Party’. I did not win that year, but after that, having produced my first short film, naturally my interest in film-making increased, and I wanted to learn more.

Then, in 2015 I took part again in the Namatan Short Film Festival, producing my second film titled ‘True Colours’.

That year I took home the first prize for my short film. Participating in Namatan for the second time and winning the first prize made me more interested and determined to produce more films to tell my stories.

I continued my volunteering work at the Further Arts and participated in as much training as I could in order to build my skills in film-making that the training offered.

The real challenge when learning how to make a movie is the editing, but there are many easy to follow editing programs out there, any of which I would recommend for new starters.

Participating in Namatan also allowed me to build and further hone my skills as a filmmaker. And taking part in Namatan helped me to build my network, too. So, in 2018, I was accepted to work for Vanuatu’s national broadcaster –Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC), as the Assistant Producer for the Television blong Vanuatu.

I feel very fortunate and so lucky to be a part of VBTC’s team. I have continued to learn and build my skills every day on the job at VBTC. Working at VBTC has allowed me to continue to grow my passion for filming, however this time on a bigger platform. I am more experienced now and I feel very blessed.

As a young woman, a producer, and young mother, I really enjoy putting the skills that I have learnt over the years in to my job every day.

Thank you to the Australian High Commission for offering people like me an opportunity to participate in the Namatan Short Film Festival, as it’s through Namatan that I was able to aspire to what I really enjoy doing now as a filmmaker.

I am encouraging women, producers and especially young mothers out there to build your passion where you can with every opportunity given to you. Take part in Namatan, it is a good platform to start your career in film-making. Through Namatan you can also build your network and personally build your capability for a career and job opportunities.

Women and girls are just as creative and talented as boys. Girls have many good stories to tell, and the best platform to share such stories is through film, so I urge you to take part in Namatan.

Finalist films will be screened during the Namatan Finale on Saturday 5 December at 5:30pm at Saralana Park in Port Vila.

Roselyn Tari is the Assistant Producer for Television blong Vanuatu and a previous Namatan winner.