Public Service Commission (PSC) has suspended the Director General of Justice and Social Welfare, Doresthy Kenneth Watson.

The suspension reportedly took place Thursday Last week.

The Commission met last Thursday and took the decision to suspend DG Kenneth following reports made Minister of Justice, Esmon Saemon.

Minister Saemon made an allegation that Mrs Kenneth no longer cooperates with him at the office.

The Secretary General of PSC, Jean Yves Bibi told media yesterday at Pele that they believe that this action came following the recent decision of the Council of Minister to remove the Ministry of Justice and to replace it with the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Affairs.

It is understood that on November 27, the Supreme Court heard an urgent application for injunctive relief filed by the DG Watson.

The court is satisfied that the applicant (Mrs Watson) has a serious question to be tried in line with Section 7.5 (1) (a) of the Rules in terms of breaches of the government Act in the process by which the Council of Ministers Decision No. 179 was made on October 15, 2020 and lack of natural justice in that she and other interested parties were not consulted.

Mr. Bibi said the Commission is still investigating the allegation.