Police in Port Vila are investigating the deaths of two women, one who committed suicide at Teouma and another whose body was found at Joint Court area this week.

The suicide at Teouma was the first case for this year 2020. Police did not give further details on the incident apart from confirming the victim died.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for the public to help identify the woman who was found dead in the bush at Joint Court.

“It is difficult to begin investigation on an unidentified victim,” said Director of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Jack Joses.

“Police received the report from a Joint Court resident on Tuesday. The police were unable to identify the body which was already decomposing.”

Police believe the woman must have gone missing for several weeks or months ago and are asking the public to report any family members, friends or neighbors that they have not seen or heard from for a long time.

CID Director Joses said, “Any new information would help us identify her”.

At the moment, the cause of death is unknown and police cannot treat it as suspicious homicide or suicide, said Joses.

The body of the woman was taken to the Vila Central Hospital morgue.