If you have undergone a cervical screening and it has come back as abnormal, please come back from treatment! There is sometimes a stigma surrounding the results and women are advised that kastom medicine will not work. It is caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) present on the skin in that area. It is very common. It is not a sign of promiscuity.

Dr Tony will be in Santo 24-28th Sept to treat all women there. They just go to theatre any morning that week. The treatment does not need a general anesthetic. They can talk to him first before deciding to go ahead. He has everyone’s screening results for the last 3 years as do nurses at the screening clinic held on Wed/Thurs at the hospital. Screening detects changes before cancer comes and can be cured by a simple treatment. If it’s not treated cancer may come years later.

Women in Port Vila can go to outpatients on Wed afternoon for treatment . Screening in Vila for all women between age 25-50 at Vanuatu family Health ( behind police station, every day and Vch women’s clinics in the mornings ) . Screening and treatment saves lives. 1 in every 10 women are carrying the cervical cancer causing virus which can be treated before it becomes cancer. So get screened and save your life!