Over 3,000 babies were born at the Vila Central Hospital between the months of January, up to 29th December, 2016, according to records supplied by the VCH Maternity Ward to the Daily Post yesterday morning.

The actual figure of the babies that were born at the VCH Maternity Ward up to 10am yesterday during the Daily Post’s visit came to 3,052.

This exceeded 2015’s record of 2,832 babies.

One mother gave birth to her new born baby while the Daily Post gathered information at around 10am yesterday morning, while two others arrived into the world just before the Daily Post visited the Maternity Ward.

All the babies, at the time of the Daily Post’s visit looked beautiful and healthy as some of the mothers were busy breast feeding them in their arms.

One of the busy Midwives, commenting on the figure of the babies born at the VCH Maternity Ward said the Ward has been busy all throughout the year.

“So far we have 182 babies born during this month of December alone, up to one new arrival you have just heard crying just now.

“So that’s how busy this Hospital is with all the babies born here at this Maternity Ward,” she said smiling.

She added: “It’s a joy when the babies are born and you look into their beautiful eyes or they stare at you, it’s just wonderful handing them to their joyful mothers,” the Nurse said smiling.

“Many mothers are as young as 14, 15, 16 and 17 years old, however, they give birth to healthy babies and we provide every best normal advise as to how to take good care of their babies,” one Nurse said.

The 3,052 babies born at VCH Maternity Ward do not include babies born at the Northern District Hospital and other main health centres in the six provinces of Vanuatu. READ MORE