As the world prepares to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, the Vanuatu Daily Post continues its series spotlighting the stories of Ni-Vanuatu women from diverse backgrounds. In this edition, we feature the inspiring journey of Mrs. Martha Bani Malosu.

Hailing from North Pentecost and married to the late Taman Noel Malosu from Nguna Island, Mrs. Malosu now finds herself a widow with a daughter. Undeterred by adversity, she has embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, driven by her passion for business and creativity.

“I love doing entrepreneur businesses, that’s why I started sewing,” Mrs. Malosu shares.

Having previously worked in various government offices, Mrs. Malosu transitioned to entrepreneurship, establishing a small sewing business. Alongside her sewing endeavours, she has also ventured into floristry, managing a sewing booth at Centre Point in Port Vila while selling flower plants and creating stunning floral arrangements for various occasions.

With over three decades of experience in sewing, Mrs. Malosu’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond her individual pursuits.

She played a key role in initiating the handicraft market at Collardeau and currently serves as the President of the Port Vila Community Handicraft, a collective of over 30 women entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Mrs Malosu is a former athlete herself. In her younger years, she has been representing Vanuatu throughout the Pacific, through sports such as football, netball, and basketball.

She commented on the decline in the state of sports and sporting opportunities for women in Vanuatu and advocates for greater support and investment in female athletics.

Expressing her concern, she emphasised the need for Vanuatu to step up its efforts, suggesting the recruitment of overseas coaches for female teams if necessary.

“If they can do this for men’s football, why can’t they provide the same support for our women’s teams?” she questioned

Her message of resilience and determination resonates deeply as she urges young girls and women to pursue their dreams and explore the myriad opportunities available to them.

As the world celebrates the achievements and contributions of women on IWD, Mrs. Malosu’s story serves as a reminder of the strength and tenacity inherent in every woman.