Ms Charity Alick, originally from Santo, is currently occupying the position of Acting Manager Operations for the Northern provinces.

Her journey into the productive sector workforce commenced by undertaking studies in Master of Animal Science under a United States South Pacific scholarship with East – West Center at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus from 2012 to 2014. Graduated in 2011 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Agriculture Economics at the University of the South Pacific, Alafua Campus, under an ACIAR– USP Scholarship. From 2008 to 2010 did a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture at the University of the South Pacific under a Vanuatu Government scholarship.

Ms Alick started working with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) as a Provincial Agriculture Officer in MALAMPA province in 2015. She was the first female extension officer working in the field during her time.

In June 2016 she was recalled by the then Director to the main office in Port Vila to act in the Position for Principal Extension officer, her duties include overseeing and coordinating extension work, assets, budget and its workforce in the six provinces.

In 2018 with the DARD structure being approved she was appointed as the Principal Agriculture Officer in the Northern Provinces (SANMA, PENAMA and TORBA). Later in 2023, Ms Alick was appointed as the Acting Manager Operations in the North with the newly approved DARD Structure to date. She is now based in Luganville, Santo.

Working in a male dominant industry Ms Alick wants to influence women in the Productive Sector to never give up and think the roles and responsibilities of the position you acquire through merit are for men. Initially it has been hard for farming communities to accept the fact that the provincial office is managed by a female officer. Knowing that in our traditional societies a woman could not have authority over men and this is true in our homes and traditional societies but with our profession women are exceling in Education and have equal opportunities to men at the work place.

She wants women in the Productive sector to speak out and act on what we know to contribute to the development of our country. As we need a balance of minds to ensure success and prosperity in implementing activities that in the end captures a holistic and sustainable approach that is inclusive and addresses the development goals in the “Peoples Plan 20230”

To her personally the theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Success” it means women are valuable assets in the workforce, invest in them so that the organisation can have an inclusion agenda in the workplace and also women also contribute to the economy and growth of the organization. She believes that if there is balance of both men and women in the management level of any organization, it will grow because both gender share ideas and some important aspects that men neglect or did not consider women will pick up. Together there is balance and the organisation will accelerate to tremendous heights.

Ms Alick would like to encourage women who want to excel academically and in all levels of the work place to trust in God and trust yourself. Opportunities and Challenges will always be there, do not give up. Turn those challenges into opportunities and be patient in whatever situation. Always put God first and everything will just turn out in your favour. If she can do it, you can also do it. Just be motivated and work hard to achieve your dreams, you are put into this world for a purpose and this will be revealed to you through hard work and trust in the Almighty.

‘Happy International Women’s Day 2024!’