The Port Vila Central Market was opened for business as usual yesterday with only eight vendors who turned up to use the scale to sell their produce.

Sacha Watt, the Manager of the Port Vila Market, conveyed this yesterday and stated that the number has increased compared to last Saturday.

“Yesterday the number has increased somewhat, and not just those who attended the training but also those who did not ask to use the scale,” he said.

The management wants to remind the public and the suppliers that they are now processing step-by-step and that those who attended the training are present to demonstrate what they learned.

“We’ve taken notice of a lot of the comments, and I’d like to thank those mothers who attended the training and came to serve Port Vila’s residents as well as the women who didn’t attend the training but came to use the scale,” said Mr. Watt.

“We encourage individuals who have not attended the training to utilise the scale so they may get on with their business and continue selling high-quality products.”

However, as has been said, the management will still provide training to the vendors who have not attended the training.

The administration has observed that vendors won’t have to spend the entire day sitting with their products thanks to the usage of scales, as they have seen that a mother who brought four bags of cucumbers only sold out in only two hours.

“As she can sell up to six bags in about two to three hours and return home to complete other tasks, the mother says it was preferable than spending the entire day at the market,” Mr. Watt said.

As several sellers have requested to use electronic scales since they are simpler to operate, the administration has indicated that they have purchased 20 for the vendors to use.

Since the administration has a limited budget, they also ask for donations from the general public and Non-Governmental Organisations, such as electronic scales or other items that might aid the merchants in offering their services.

“There is also some recommendation which the vendors have put in place in terms of pricing, however, we cannot do that now but in the long run we will work to review the prices,” Mr Watt said.

“I am collaborating closely with the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Price Monitoring and Consumer Affairs (PMCA) bureau to assess prices over the long term as well.

“We are also tackling the issue of transportation costs, and we are now collaborating with the Land Transport Association to submit our ideas and get their opinion.”

The Port Vila Central Market is gradually implementing the use of scales for vendors, aiming to improve efficiency and provide better services to the public.