In honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), the Vanuatu Daily Post proudly presents the inspiring story of 21-year-old Asline Popovi, currently serving as a receptionist at Chantillys on the Bay.

Hailing from Tanoliu village in North Efate, Ms Popovi now resides in Port Vila with her partner. For a significant period, she bore the responsibility of being the sole provider for her family. Recently, her partner secured employment in a construction company, easing the financial burden on her shoulders.

Despite personal challenges, Ms Popovi finds solace in her work, considering it a welcome distraction from her private struggles. She emphasises the importance of maintaining a professional demeanour, leaving personal issues at the door as she greets customers with a warm smile.

Navigating the complexities of her relationship, particularly with her de facto partner who has prior familial obligations, posed a significant hurdle for Ms Popovi. However, her resilience shines through as she continues to overcome such obstacles.

Reflecting on her journey, Ms Popovi takes pride in her professional achievements. Landing her first job without any formal training or education in the field is a testament to her dedication and adaptability. Since joining Chantillys in March last year, she has grown significantly, now entrusted with training new staff members.

Offering words of advice to young girls, Ms Popovi advocates for humility and faith in God. She firmly believes that with trust and determination, any goal is attainable.

As the world is gearing up to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women on this special day, Ms Popovi’s story serves as a reminder of the strength, resilience, and potential within every woman.