The Tongoa Shepherds Women’s
Association and Nakororiki Youth Park Association have embarked on the campaign against playing of cards to make money within communities, a rising gambling activity in Port Vila and Shefa Province.

This program is an initiative supported by Vanuatu Association of Non-Government Organisation (VANGO) and funded by Pacific People Advancing for Change (PPAC) under the Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare.

Representatives of these two associations, Mrs. Jeaneth Raupepe and Mrs. Kaloran have conducted awareness campaigns echoing the main message to stop women and young girls from involving in such gambling activities and engage them in social and economic activities.

This program has targeted four communities from July to August which are; Manples Area, Erakor Bridge, Anamborou, Fresh Water.

“We observed in the past years, women and girls are vulnerable in their own settlements and mostly become victims of violence and other form of social influences that is affecting their lives and communities.

“Playing of cards has become a very sensitive issue in our communities and it’s gone out of control.

“We see our young girls and mothers play card whole day and fail to attend to their home chores or even fail to see that their children are not eating healthy food in their homes.”

They argued that it is even sad to see that this activity has extended to some islands and mothers are seen to play cards instead of weaving baskets or go to the gardens to get food for their family. READ MORE