“Are we waiting for more thousands of killings, and murders to take place before we act?”, was the first question to the Government, the chiefs, and churches by the Coordinator of the Vanuatu Women’s Centre, Merelyn Tahi, yesterday morning after the report of another female victim, came out in the Daily Post.

She condemned the latest killing of a female in Port Vila as “brutal, insane, insensible and irresponsible that deserves full force of the law of the land”.

She said: “We have repeatedly said for many times and over and over again that ‘enough is enough’ of crime against women and brutal killings and inhumane harms and treatments done to women and children of this country over the 37 years of independence, yet more killings are still taking place and, will there be more hundreds if not thousands of killings going to happen before real actions are taken?” She questioned.

She went on to state that: “It’s a total disgrace in the face of the nation and the world and sadly and worst of all is that lives are taken away before the eyes of the national authorities that is including the government, the chiefs and the churches and all leaders at all levels of Vanuatu communities.

“Every day we receive 6-10 complaints in our office about crimes against women and children.

“There is just lack of respect and action to put full stop to such brutal and mental attitudes.

“We need action by all government authorities and even the chiefs and churches in the nation.

“As a matter of fact, when you add up all cases reported in five centres in the country, it all adds up to 50 per week and that’s a lot for crimes against women and children, but not counting those directly reported to the Police, the chiefs, or even not reported at all,” she claims.

She added that domestic violence today is becoming like a normal habit and not many people, especially the government authorities, the chiefs and churches leaders seem to care at all and act or do something about it.

“The Family Protection Act No.28 of 2008 is there but lacks financial support, vehicles, required manpower, and other necessary important resources to empower the authorities to deal with such problems, as soon as they occur, but still we the women want to see prevention rather than facing ongoing deaths,” Tahi remarked.

She went further to question the ability of the government and all authorities in the nation about long term solutions in the national policies, and why the roots of the problems have not been identified to put a stop to such killings that resulted from domestic violence, which she claims include; physical assaults, brutal treatment to women and innocent children, rape, sexual harassments, sexual abuses, and more unbearable to women and children.