two-alleged-murders-in-a-week-vanuatu-2021The police are investigating the alleged murders of two people from Motalava in Port Vila last week.

A suspect has been arrested and charged with intentional homicide after a women, aged 40, was brutally murdered at the area of Tassiriki.

“She died after receiving a deep cut in the center of her chest and and three other cuts…,” according to the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) Media Unit.

Apart from the woman, the police in Port Vila said they are also investigating the death of a man found dead at the area of Mele.

Police said injury marks on the body point to suspected murder.

A chief from Motalava residing in Port Vila, Godwin Jacob, has expressed disappointment on the alleged murder incidents.

“We, people from Motalava would not do such inhumane torture to other people.

“We have never before experienced such deaths after many year of residing on Efate,” he stressed.

“There have been a lot of killings in Port Vila lately.

“We are calling onto the government to put mechanisms in place to urgently address this.

“We are thinking of staging a peaceful protest following the recent incidents involving two of our own.”

The police in Port Vila are encouraging communities to take an active role in finding solutions to end violence, such as supporting broken homes.

“People think that police are responsible for ending violence but it’s wrong.

“Partners must take good control of their families and trust each other.

“Family conflicts can lead to violence and death.”